Our team

For us our team is everything. Our team is the machinery that will enable Your trip to reach that extra level. We have collected a vast diversity of professionals with decades of experience, to be able to reach Your unique requests and expectations. Please take a glance at our different departments below.

Our lovely crew at your service!

Luxury Yacht Charter Management & Booking

Management & Booking

Our management- & booking team is an international team, spread across Europe, based in Croatia and Sweden. To accommodate requests from a global clientele, we value experience and diversity – which gives us an unmatched ability to offer tailor made experiences, no matter what your request may be. Our team has a vast experience from the charter and luxury hospitality industry, creating a combination that is customer- and service focused. Contact us, and we will be gladly to assist you in English, Croatian or in any of the Scandinavian languages.

Luxury Yacht Charter Skipper


What’s the weather there like? Do they have marinas? Can we anchor over night? What are the “Must see” places there? Where can we try the local cuisine?

Whatever destination you choose you will have to struggle with the same questions. Is that really the way you want to spend your holiday? If you want a stress-free sailing vacation don't hesitate, our skippers are at your disposal. They will make your holiday comfortable, easy going and relaxed. Our crew is well educated and has years of experience in sailing, so you can sit back, relax and make the best out of your sailing holidays.

Luxury Yacht Charter Hostess


How come it always turns out that men get home from holiday more relaxed and rested then women? Well, all the women will know why.

Obviously if you are renting a vacation house, an apartment or a yacht you still must do all the cooking, cleaning and food shopping. Now you’re thinking: “Well not if I’m going to a hotel!” And you are right, so here is some news for you. We can make your sailing holiday like a 5* hotel service! Why spend your holiday in a hotel when you can sail along the beautiful coastlines world-wide? Depending on the level of the service we distinguish a hostess and a hostess/chef. Check out the difference in our package description.

Crewed service – provided by Skipper4you.com

All our crew is provided and coordinated by Skipper4you.com, the biggest crew provider in the world for charter industry. Founded in 2003. it has a long history of successfully providing skippers, hostesses and chefs worldwide. Skipper4you.com has its own educational centre with the aim of standardizing the service of providing nautical crew in the charter industry.

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