Why choose us?

We understand the value of holiday

In a world where many commute a larger amount of time per year than spent on holiday, we understand the value of an effortless holiday. Every day spent on holiday is precious, so we strive to provide better and additional services than otherwise offered within the industry. Our goal is to offer You a better service, than the service we would want on our own holiday.

We help You choose the perfect yacht

There is and ocean of yachts to browse through online. “This is the right size, but too old”. “This is new, but doesn’t have the right layout”. We have already filtered your search, so that You can find the best yachts available within a click.

"A yacht will be a yacht"

You have probably been on holidays before, where the transportation or hotel has been perfect, while the service haven’t. You can charter a yacht from various companies around the world, and you can probably find a similar yachts from different companies. What you wont find is our dedication to service and details, that will make that little extra to Your holiday.

Experienced team

Our experienced team of Skippers, Hostesses, Chauffeurs, Welcome crew, Travel agents and Event Managers are truly amazing. Please read more about our team and never hesitate to contact us.

Service packages that you need on sailing holiday

Services that include what you need, even if you don’t know it - Many of our guests have never spent a holiday on a yacht before. Compare it with going on a skiing holiday the first time, without a clue how to get ski passes, or that without the knowledge that you can rent skis. Of course it’s hard to prearrange a trip, when you have hardly no knowledge of how it will be like. Therefore we have prepared packages for you, including services that You perhaps didn’t even know that you want or need.

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