Why Crewed Charter?

After years of experience in the yacht charter industry we noticed a gap between yacht rental and additional services that most of our clients always use. To combine those two without our clients have to worry about it we created a special kind of packages from which you can choose the one that suits you best. We offer you a unique, new level of service in the yacht charter industry put together in our 3 packages: CLASSIC, PREMIUM and ALL IN.
Understanding our guests is the key to be able to exceed their expectations. In a world where working hours are increasing, and where the level of stress is reaching levels never reached before, the value of vacation days are higher than ever. For us it is therefore crucial to present and deliver an effortless experience. Also, to show our clients that we value their time just as much as they do.
Choose your level of wanted service and don’t worry about extra money spend during your sailing vacation. We are here to deliver an unmatched service, to enable our clients an effortless and unforgettable holiday.

It feels just like you’re in a 5* hotel, the only difference is that you wake up every day in a different beautiful location.

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