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/fləˈtɪl.ə/ - a large group of boats

Flotilla events

Imagine traveling to see the historic Aegean seas of Turkey or the mysterious seas of Thailand. You are probably thinking about sailing the waters on a luxury yacht, sipping your favourite cocktail alone or with your loved ones. If you want a more social and interactive experience, Yachtman Holidays’ flotilla events are perfect for you.

What exactly is a flotilla?

Ever see a squad of boats with one lead boat guiding the rest and going from one place to another? That’s what a flotilla is. If you are a sailor or simply a boating enthusiast, a flotilla gives you the chance to roam the seas by yourself or with your loved ones onboard. What’s better is you can mingle with other people in the group.

Except from the social part, flotilla gives you a sense of protection. You have a lead skipper, a lead hostess and a mechanic. The route is planned in advance and the anchoring spots for overnight reserved. Never mind if you are a group of friends, family or an agency that wants to have a flotilla of your own, we can organize it and give you all the technical and logistical support you need.

For many people, participating in a flotilla is an exciting part of the charm of travelling. More than being a way of exploring a seascape, it’s a great opportunity to meet people who love the ocean as much as you do!

What are you in for?

Joining our flotilla event? You are sure to have a good time. Between sailing breathtaking bodies of water with a group of friends and trying out new and exciting activities, there is nothing stopping you from having the time of your life. Here’s what you can expect from our events:

  • Well-Planned Itineraries


You travel to relive your stress and we are onboard with that. When you travel with us, you can take advantage of out itineraries that we are always proud of. We can show you the best of any area you choose. Whether you pick to explore European waters or visit the area around the British Virgin Islands, you can rely on us to come up with the strategy to make the most of your time. Want to stay at one place for longer? Don’t worry, our itineraries are flexible to give you more time to relax and dine.

  • Our Equipment

As pioneers in the yacht charter industry, we know how having sophisticated yachts and equipment makes a difference. Enjoy a classy tour whilst resting on our cutting-edge yachts, without worrying about anything in the world.

  • Our Helpful Team

We have a team of experienced yachtsmen who know their way around these waters. They have been doing this for a long time and they naturally developed extraordinary seafaring skills. This way, these experts are able to help you in everything you need including selecting the right yacht, choosing a package, preparation for the tour, and other similar services.

  • A Wonderful Experience

Lastly, we guarantee that you’ll get what you are looking for: a great time with great company. Being a social event, a flotilla tour will surely be something for the books.


Have a flotilla of your own!

Exploring waters can be exciting and calming at the same time. It’s much enjoyable when you join a group of people with the same love for the activity.

If you are interested in having a flotilla event of your own get in touch with us and we will organize it all for you!

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