Adventure route

Daily dose of adrenaline on your holidays?

Having bright and sunny weather definitely calls for an adventure with your friends and loved ones. If you like spending your holiday going off the beaten track and exploring new sights, joining us in our adventure route is your best bet. From exhilarating diving excursions to hiking new terrains to trying other heart-pumping activities, Yachtman Holidays is here to assist you.

With our adventure tour, we are sure to make your getaway an unforgettable one.  

What We Offer

All around the world, there are still numerous islands that are yet to be discovered. With our yacht sailing activities, we can take you to places that aren’t crowded with tourists. Below are some activities you might want to try:

  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Free Climbing
  • Adrenalin Park
  • Cycling
  • Sky Diving
  • Water Activities
    • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
    • Kayaking
    • Windsurfing
    • Water Skiing
    • Water Donut

May it be land, air, or sea activities, our company ensures that you get the most out of your sailing holidays. All you need to do is tell us the activities you’re roaring to try and we have got you covered.

What to Expect from Our Adventure Route

  • Variety of Exciting Activities


We make sure to provide a thrilling line-up of activities that are specially created with your interests in mind. With the social and adventurous nature of our tour, your day will surely be one for the books.

  • Well-Planned Itineraries

We are proud to present you our well-planned and flexible itineraries. Based on your preferences, we make sure to create a carefully curated route that will allow you to get to know more about your preferred location.

So, whether you wish to explore the mountains of Italy, the temples in Thailand, or the clear azure waters of Greece, you can definitely depend on our knowledgeable crew to take you to new places. Simply tell us about your plans and we can make it into a reality.

  • Ultimate Enjoyment

We promise to give our guests a trip they won’t forget. This is why we make sure to give you varying sites and experiences. From tasting the local cuisine to one-of-a-kind beverages, we will give you the time of your lives. So, don’t hesitate to approach our crew. They will take you to must-see places and assist you with all your needs. It will be like staying in a 5-star hotel service away from home.

  • Skilled and Knowledgeable Tour Guides

We take pride in working with a team of skilled, well-educated, and experienced tour guides who can safely take you around your chosen venue. They are equipped with local knowledge and navigation skills that can help you with everything you might need and more.



Join Our Adventure Tour Today!

If you are looking for some spice and excitement in your life, booking the adventure route tour with us today will definitely satisfy your needs. If you have someplace you want to discover, get in touch with us and participate in this event.

Who knows, you might just meet new friends and other like-minded individuals who can make your experience fun and memorable.

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