Party route

Your yacht can be your dance floor!

Do you want to experience a memorable holiday sailing in the ocean? Join us in the party route to enjoy the thrill of sailing, witness scenic islands, swim in the clear waters and indulge in the mouth-watering food with friends and family.

We believe that you deserve to be treated with utmost care in your holiday, that’s we why tailor-fit getaways to your budget and preferences. Know that our party routes are made for you to relax, breathe in fresh air and meet new friends. Have you never experienced wild and big parties on board? It’s time that you jump in on the fun and give yourself a break from your normal routine.

What You Can Expect in the Party Route

Our party route is nothing sort of ordinary. We value your trust and we give something memorable and valuable in return to make you feel satisfied.

  • Hands-On Assistance


Do you ever feel obligated to do all the chores in the yacht while others are having fun? Well, that isn’t the kind of holiday you are going for. With our help, what you only need to do is simply relax, have fun as we can do the work for you.

Our ALL-IN package lets you experience luxury and comfort in every bit possible. We have a professional sailing crew to serve you and your family on board.

  • Lots of Activities to Try

Haven’t tried any water sport or raft parties? Don’t miss out on the fun and join us as we take you to a week-long festive around Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy and many more.

You can experience swimming with marine species and discover what the underwater world has to offer. We can also take you to the tourist spots and try wine tasting. The best part of the trip is always the nightlife. Create lasting memories with newly found friends and loved ones while sipping your choice of beverage.

  • Premium Supplies on Deck

Are you worried if your food is enough for the week-long holiday? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. From your meals, food supplies, bed linens, towels and other refreshments, we make sure you’re full and satisfied.

With the ALL-IN package, you can indulge in six breakfast, lunches and dinners on board. Our crew will prepare and serve these meals, so you don’t really need to worry about cooking and grocery shopping. We promise that the food is clean and served freshly for your delight and pleasure.

  • Whole New Level of Fun

Get ready for a week-long adventure as we take you to a whole new level of fun. We organize the best route and itinerary for you to experience one-of-a-kind holiday in the ocean. There will be non-stop partying and a lot of exploration so be prepared.


It’s not every day that you get the chance to relax and skip the normal work-home routine. We understand that you only want a break and experience an unforgettable holiday.

Let us make this possible and join us in the fun and exploration.

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